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RGP - Resources Global Professionals

To whom it may concern,We have been working with Indico s.c. for 3 years in the area of instant development for individual software and improvement of our website, which is the core of our german business.Since the very first version of our website, we have been working with different developers. Still, it is without a reservation that only in the Indico team, we have found a partner with whom we have been able to push our project forward with the required speed and quality. The team is professional, reliable, responsive, and -most important in our case-they understand the business and therefore are able to advise the most effective solution. Meanwhile, we are working on the rollout of the platform into other countries outside of Germany. Also on this project we have a reliable partner at our side who provides us with the right ideas, technology, and resources.We would like to thank the Indico team for helping us to get to this point and we are looking forward to the upcoming projects, which we will surely realize together. Best regards,Uwe SunkelManaging Director