Tis-m.ru - wodociągi Rosja

Our engineering company TIS LLC specializes on construction of water treatment and wastewater treatment plants in Russia for a number of industries.
We have decided to renovate our site and did so mostly by ourselves, but we were lacking the expertise to resolve some technical and design issues which we encountered.

Not only Izabela Kowalska and her crew did a perfect job, they also did it very quickly, for the reasonable price and, as a free bonus, analyzed the site and made valuable suggestions about the changes needed. Izabela also was very helpful and expedient in answering and resolving technical questions all along the way.
and in addition to all that, Izabela not only a professional but also is a really nice person, with whom it was easy and a pleasure to work together.

And because i know from personal experience that, contrary to what is seems, it is not that easy to find a really good company for site support. I cannot recommend these guys enough!